Selection Criteria for Website Links

          The UC Hastings Law Library maintains links from the Library website to various Internet webpages. The Library is not responsible for the content of external publications and Internet sites linked to from this website. One of our main goals is to select accurate and unbiased information sources that include items of scholarly interest to the UC Hastings faculty and students. In determining whether a website should be included as a link, we consider the following factors:

          • Accuracy, authority, currency, navigation and design applicability, and content audience level
          • Quality of writing

          Most webpages linked from our website are related to the field of law in general, and tend to have a California or San Francisco focus. Many of our links are to government websites and to educational institutions. We link to many government and university pages, in part because they are non-commercial and have proven reliable and stable over time. A preference is given for sites without advertising and pop-up windows. We also link to many international law resources, as this is becoming a growing area of interest to legal scholars. In addition, we try to link to websites that will compliment our collection of print resources in the Library and will support legal study at UC Hastings.

          These links are updated on an irregular basis as new websites emerge and as legal research interests change. Websites are evaluated using the criteria above by one or more members of the library staff. The UC Hastings Law Library expresses no opinion about any of the issues discussed on these externally linked pages; opinions represented on these external webpages reflect the views of the writer/speaker only.