Study Room Use

          There are 18 group study rooms in the Library: six rooms on each floor, with three to five seats around one table per room, totaling 83 seats. These rooms are available for use by UC Hastings students for group study or shared study-space on a first-come, first-served basis during the academic year. At the end of each semester, the study rooms can be reserved for group study during the exam period through a reservation system operated by the UC Hastings Student Information Office (SIC).

          The following rules apply to the group study rooms:

          • The rooms are for the exclusive use of UC Hastings students.
          • Students’ UC Hastings ID cards should be visible when they use the rooms.
          • The group study rooms cannot be reserved, except during exam periods.
          • Group study or shared-study space has priority over any one individual’s use of a group study room.
          • There are no time limits on the use of the rooms, except during exam periods.
          • Eating or drinking (except bottled water) is not permitted in the study rooms.
          • Upon leaving, users are required to remove all items brought into a group study room.
          • All UC Hastings librarians are empowered to require that library patrons comply with these rules and the Library Code of Conduct.