This page includes information about how to research communications and entertainment law. It includes print resources available in the Hastings Law Library, Lexis & Westlaw online resources, and key Internet links.

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          Finding A Note Topic

          There are several good publications and websites that provide current awareness information about evolving legal issues of interest to communications and entertainment lawyers.

          Current Awareness Resources

          The Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) publishes a number of reporters that contain good current awareness information on communications and entertainment law. The library has print subscriptions to many of these publications. Currently, we also have a trial online subscription to the BNA titles listed below. Go to BNA Online and enter the user name and password you were given at the meeting. The easiest way to access the publications below is to use the pull-down menu at the top of the BNA page. 

          • Patent, Trademark & Copyright Daily - KF3093.4 P2 (Reserve Stacks) or Online
          • Patent, Trademark & Copyright Journal - Online
          • World Intellectual Property Report - KF1401 .A13 W67 (5th Stacks) or Online
          • Cyberspace Lawyer - KF390.5 C6 C95 (Reserve Stacks)
          • Electronic Commerce & Law Report - KF2761 .A3 B63 (Reserve Stacks) or Online
          • Entertainment and Sports Lawyer - KF4290 .A6 E57 (Reserve Stacks) or Online - This publication by the ABA Forum on the Entertainment and Sports Industries has articles on current developments.

          LexisNexis and Westlaw

          Both LexisNexis and Westlaw have topical information available. Because of the variety of legal issues that can be covered in communications and entertainment law, the information is in a number of different locations:

          LexisNexis has an entertainment law practice page, which includes Legal Entertainment News Stories

          Westlaw has a communications library for legal newspapers, newsletters and current awareness materials, including Westlaw Journal Telecommunications Industry (WJTEL); E-Commerce Law Report (GLECOMLR); Broadcasting and Cable (BCSTCBLE); Internet Connection (GLINTCON); and Privacy & Information Law Report (GLPRINLR).

          Westlaw has an intellectual property database with current awareness materials, including Andrews E-Business Law Bulletin (ANEBUSLB); Westlaw Journal Computer and Internet (WJCOMPI); Westlaw Journal Intellectual Property (WJINTPROP); Intellectual Property - Law Reviews, Texts & Bar Journals (IP-TP); Westlaw Journal Software Law (WJSWL).

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          U.S. Law Week

          Online SubscriptionThe Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) publishes US Law Week. Hastings has an online subscription to US Law Week.  Useful sections include "BNA Insights",  "Hot Topics", and "Supreme Court Today: Preview & Review".  To find possible Note topics use the search box and search for "circuit splits".

          U.S. Law Week
          KF105 .U33 (Reserve Stacks & Circulation Desk) or Online
          Read either the "Summary and Analysis of Significant Court Opinions" or the "Legal News" section.

          Legal News

          Both LexisNexis and Westlaw have a good selection of US and foreign newspapers, where you can read about new legal issues. FindLaw also has a good section called Entertainment Law News.

          Other Websites

          The websites of various law libraries, organizations and law firms have current awareness materials:

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          Doing a Preemption Check

          Hastings has created an easy-to-use seven-step online guide to doing a preemption check.  This page was created by the library to assist journal members in selecting article topics. It is set-up to allow you to quickly check various online research tools to make sure that an article has not already been researched and published about your selected topic.  Follow the seven preemption check steps below before you start writing your article.

          Communication and Entertainment Law Research

          Research Resources

          Other Online Resources

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          Last updated April 9, 2013