Research Resources for Hastings Journals

          Library Liaison

          The Library's Journal Liaison program pairs each UC Hastings journal with a Librarian to ensure the best possible support for journal staff members.  Journal members should feel free to contact their journal's library liaison for help with finding a note topic, research, source-pulls, and citation-checking. Contact the librarian listed below for your journal:

          Journal Library Liaison Journal Library Liaison Journal Library Liaison
          COMM/ENT Tony Pelczynski HICLR Vince Moyer STLJ Hadas Livnat
          CLQ Vince Moyer HLJ Chuck Marcus WNW Hilary Hardcastle
          HBLJ Tony Pelczynski HRPLJ Hadas Livnat WLJ Hilary Hardcastle

          Team Edit Procedures:

          • Because library materials and space are meant to be shared, you should be organized and ready to proceed in a timely manner before you begin the team edit.
          • Identify your journal's assigned work space within the designated shelving area at the north (Golden Gate Avenue) end of the 5th floor.
          • All books should be checked out to the journal if they are to remain in your work area. Material from the 4th floor may NOT be left on your 5th floor shelves and should be re-shelved on the 4th floor. This is to ensure that these items are on the shelves for everyone to use.
          • Use interlibrary loan (ILL) to request items that are not available at UC Hastings. See the Interlibrary Loan page for instructions. Be sure to plan ahead, as it can take 4 weeks for items to arrive from other libraries. If items are available at a nearby library (i.e., UC Berkeley or San Francisco Public Library), it may be more expedient for journal members to travel to that library.
          • State codes, case reports, and other primary materials available electronically through Westlaw or Lexis may NOT be requested through ILL.
          • Once an item arrives from the lending library, the item will be kept at the Circulation Desk. You will need to leave some form of ID to borrow the material. ILL items are for library use only.
          • Materials may not be kept in your reserved work area indefinitely. The library reserves the right to re-shelve material that has been on your shelves for an undue length of time, or that has not been checked out.
          • When you have completed your team edit, return all materials to the Circulation Desk and dispose of any Westlaw/Lexis printouts.
          • You may borrow a book cart for pulling materials and/or returning materials to the Circulation Desk. You will be asked to leave some form of ID at the desk while you are using a book cart.
          • Please contact the Circulation Librarian if you have any questions regarding these procedures.

          Source Pull Video Tutorial:

          If you were unable to attend your journal's training session on source pulls or need a refresher, you should review this short video tutorial.  It will save you a lot of time in completing your source pull. It explains how to determine if a particular source is available at the library and how to submit an interlibrary loan request if it's not. 

          Preemption Check Guide:

          Before committing to a note or article topic, you need to check various sources to make sure that an article or book chapter has not already been published on your selected topic. Follow these 8 preemption check steps before you start writing your article.