Special Collections

          Roger J. Traynor ExhibitThe UC Hastings Special Collections contains a number of different current and historical collections. Below you will find descriptions of these collections and links to more information. With the exception of the Micrographics and Government Documents, these collections are housed separately from the main collection and access to them is limited while the Rare Books Room is under construction. Please direct inquiries related to our Special Collections to a reference librarian.

          UC Hastings Historical Archives

          The UC Hastings College of the Law was established as California's first law school in 1878. In an effort to preserve some of the history of UC Hastings as an institution, the Library collects important college publications such as class yearbooks, law school newspapers, and faculty biographies. A few historical documents are available on the UC Hastings website and the Scholarship Repository. The complete text of Hastings College of the Law: The First Century by Prof. Thomas Garden Barnes is available on the Library's website. The UC Hastings Law Library also maintains an impressive collection of rare law books.

          Roger J. Traynor Collection

          The Hastings law Library is honored to act as the repository of the papers and memorabilia of the late California Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger J. Traynor, who served as a justice of the California Supreme Court from 1940 to 1970. While his record as a jurist speaks for itself, the New York Times paid tribute to him in these words: “It was aptly said that Roger Traynor was one of the finest jurists who never sat on the United States Supreme Court. His 30 years on California’s highest court proved that Washington is not the only place to influence American law. Chief Justice Traynor...led his Court and thus often the nation, in adapting the law to current needs and realities...”

          Sixty-Five Club Collections

          The Sixty-Five Club Collections were created in 1990 for the purpose of housing publications, papers, and memorabilia of members of the Sixty-Five Club, a unique Hastings institution. Initial collections include books, papers, photographs, scrapbooks, and other memorabilia of Professor Jerome Hall and Professor Richard Powell. (See The Era of the Sixty-Five Club.)

          Records and Briefs Collections

          The library has available, in paper or microform, records and briefs for the following jurisdictions:

          United States Supreme Court
          Paper (1913-1979; and a few briefs for the years 1839-1891)
          Microform (1832 to current)
          Note: While extensive in scope, this set does not include briefs for all cases.

          United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
          Paper (1891-1980); Microform (1985 – 1987; 1989-1994)
          Note: this set is incomplete

          United States Court of Customs and Patent Appeals
          Paper (1831-1979)

          California Supreme Court
          Paper (1906-1974)
          Microform (1895-mid 1930’s; 1959-1964; 1969-1995)

          California Court of Appeal
          Paper (1906 – 1978); Microform (1895-mid 1930’s; 1969-mid 1996)

          The paper collection of briefs is shelved on the north side of the sixth floor, while the microform holdings are in the Micrographics Room on the fourth floor.

          Bound records and briefs for the federal courts are arranged by term and docket numbers. Special indexes for the bound volumes of California records and briefs are located at the Reference Desk.

          The currency of the microform records and briefs differs by jurisdiction and is dependent on the microform publisher. Users should consult with a reference librarian for assistance in locating the records and briefs for specific opinions.

          San Francisco attorneys may borrow the printed volumes. The borrower must present a current California Bar card and proof of residence. Law firms or law schools may borrow records and briefs through interlibrary loan.