Trial Advocacy Videos

          Trial advocacy videos are available online at a password protected Video On Demand website. (See details below.)

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          Trial Advocacy Video On Demand Instructions:

          The following general information on using the Video On Demand system should answer most of your questions: =

          • This is a password-protected site. You must have a username and password to enter the Video on Demand system. If you do not have this information, contact your professor.
          • Files are organized by classroom and sorted alphabetically by instructor name (and then chronologically).
          • After selecting the room, click Ctrl-F on your keyboard to find your file.
          • Please download the file completely to your computer's hard drive before viewing - do this by right clicking the file link and choosing "Save Target/Link As."
          • Media Services recommends downloading files after peak usage hours during the semester (M-Th after 4pm).
          To access the Video on Demand system for your class, click here

          For more information refer to these detailed instructions (.pdf)

          Please send all feedback and suggestions to