California Legal Research

Course Description

This course provides an overview of methods and sources for researching California law. Through lectures, in-class exercises, and take-home assignments, the course introduces students to primary and secondary materials, cost-effective research strategies, print and online resources, and real-world research issues. Topics include California-focused treatises and practice guides, California statutes and regulations, court rules, case law, citators, and legislative history. The course meets once a week for a brief lecture accompanied by an in-class exercise. Students are also required to complete weekly exercises and readings outside of class. Grading is based on class participation, the weekly exercises, and completion of a short research memorandum. By the end of the semester, students should possess the skills to complete a California legal research assignment in a competent and efficient manner.

Instructor: Hilary Hardcastle, Head of Reference Services
Credits: 1.0
Type: Seminar
Meets Spring Semester