International and Foreign Legal Research

Course Description

This course provides an overview of research methods and sources for foreign, international, and comparative legal research. Students learn how to formulate research strategies, evaluate materials in various formats, and conduct efficient searches using print and electronic resources. The course explores how to research and locate primary materials, such as treaties, constitutions, and codes, as well as secondary materials. Topics include public international law, foreign law, the United Nations, the European Union, private international law, and international trade law.

Upon completion of the course, students presented with a legal issue involving foreign or international law should be able to formulate a research strategy, identify the relevant foreign and international legal materials, and locate those materials.

The course meets once a week for a brief lecture followed by an in-class exercise. Students are also required to complete weekly exercises and readings outside of class. Grading is based on class participation, the weekly exercises, a brief oral presentation on a foreign legal system, and a final research guide on an international law topic or international organization.

Instructor: Hilary Hardcastle, Head of Reference Services
Credits: 2.0
Type: Seminar
Meets Fall Semester