Teaching Support

          Class Presentations

          The librarian-liaisons have the expertise to help the students in your seminar, clinic, and lecture courses by providing subject-specific training in the research resources and methods relevant to your course. If you would like to arrange a presentation on legal research for one of your courses, please contact your librarian-liaison.

          Course Research Guides

          Librarians develop course specific research guides on the Library's web site for use by your students. These research guides are useful research portals for students in your class. They are designed to give students access to subject focused online and print resources. If you would like to arrange a web page on legal research for one of your courses, please contact your librarian-liaison.

          Course Reserve Requests

          Course reserve requests can be made by contacting Justin Edgar (ext. 4759). There are two loan periods for course reserve materials: a 2-hour or a 24-hour loan. A 2-hour loan item must be read or copied in the Library. An item on 24-hour loan may be taken out of the Library. If you are placing books on course reserve, please notify Justin Edgar (ext. 4759) of the titles prior to the beginning of the semester, in order to ensure their availability when classes start.


          Each semester, the Records Office deposits released Hastings Law exams with the Library  - these exams are then hosted on our website.  Faculty may also submit supplementary material to the Library (i.e., sample answers, model answers, explanatory memos, exams from classes that you taught at other law schools), to be included with the exam questions.  All exams and any related material that the Library receives from faculty members and the Records Office are made available to Hastings students on the Library's web site.  Our exam collection covers the current ten years, and is available to students on campus, or off-campus with a Hastings ID name and barcode. Contact Chuck Marcus marcusc@uchastings.edu to submit past exams and answers or to get further information concerning the exam database.


          Any casebook in our collection may be put on course reserve. To put any other casebook on course reserve for your class, you will need to leave a personal copy with the Circulation Librarian, or you may donate a copy of the casebook to the library.

          Last updated May 2, 2016.
          Prepared by Chuck Marcus, Faculty Services Librarian